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Our Mission

Kultuur is for the Music Makers, Video Creators, Photo Takers, Art Curators, Dance Majors and Culture Shapers. We are a socially-focused brand created to support the global Creative-Industry for today and tomorrow, inspiring and enabling creators across the UK and beyond to help shape a brighter and bolder future.

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The Problem

The UK's Creative Industry makes a major contribution to our economy and our society every year, employing over 2 million people who design, create and produce the wonderful world around us. During the pandemic, we relied on our creators more than ever and yet the industry was been hit twice as hard as the rest of the economy.

£110 Billion Contributed

The industry contributes over £110bn to the UK economy, greater than the oil & gas, automotive, life sciences and aerospace industries combined.

£77 Billion Lost

The UK's Creative Industry was set to lose £77bn in turnover by the end of 2020, resulting in a GVA shortfall (Gross Value Added) of £29bn.

119,000 Redundancies

As it stands, an estimated 400,000 jobs within the sector are at risk with 119,000 permanent workers made redundant by the end of the year.

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Our Business

Kultuur was founded with a social mission in mind. We are part of a growing community of companies whose primary aim is to create positive social change and make an impact, putting our mission first. We still operate like a traditional business and do aim to make a profit, but it's what we do with it that sets us apart.

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How We Make Money

Unlike a charity, we generate our own revenue from commercial activities. We currently make all of our income from the sale of our Kultuur Apparel line.

How We Use That Money

This is where we're different to a traditional business. Instead of maximising profits to please shareholders, we re-invest our profits into the creative community, supporting independent venues, charities, schools, youth groups and any other organisations in need of our support.

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How We Help

At the heart of our business is our Social Impact Strategy. We're committed to re-investing 60% of our profits to provide financial and service-based support, from our Affiliate Programme to donations, sponsorships, events and shared creative spaces, free to those who need them most.

Our Future Plans

A key aim of our long-term, Social Impact Strategy is inspiring and enabling the next generation of Creatives. Our plan is to create a network of fully-equipped, high-tech creative spaces known as Kultuur Studios. Designed for students, youth groups and other businesses our spaces will give young, budding creators the opportunity to explore and develop skills that would otherwise lay undiscovered whilst providing an invaluable space for the communities that host them.

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